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I need a colorist for a pitch.  The previous colorist had to leave to focus on more important things (but I hope to get to work with her sometime soon!).  The pitch is a supernatural action book.  No pay, but should be fun, and make some pretty good additions to your portfolio.


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Hey, I need a colorist for a few pitches I'm writing, with two other artists drawing.  No money, unfortunately.  But there's a good diversity to the two works, and I think could provide a fun challenge.  One is a supernatural action pitch with more realistic,clean art, while the other has a more fun, cartoonish style.

Anyone interested, just message me here, and we'll talk about it.

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I've posted this just about everywhere else that I could, so I thought I might as well post it here, too, and update everyone with the latest on the comics!

I'm told that "Unimaginable" by Tom Pinchuk and myself is at the printers now, and should be in comics stores in two weeks to a month.  So you still have time to get to - or call - your local comic book store and order a copy.  The publisher is Arcana Comics and the original order code was OCT100764.

While you're at the comic store, there are some more things you should keep your eyes peeled for in the January Previews!  The first is the "Rottentail" graphic novel, written by David Hayes with art by me.  The publisher is Creator's edge Press and the order code is JAN111084!  In the same issue of Previews, Creator's Edge also has a few other books you should check out.  "ZFW: Zombies of Foreign Wars" #1 is order code JAN111083, and "The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse" is order code JAN111082!

ALSO, "Stink" #1 - written by the great Chuck Messinger and drawn by me, and also published by Creator's Edge Press - is up on Drivethru Comics.  You can find it here:…

Finally, the first two issues of my book "Winter War" - written and drawn by me - are up from new publisher 215 Ink on Wowio.  You can find #1 here:…

And #2 is here:…

While at Wowio, make sure to check out the excellent "Breakneck", a fresh take on superheroes, by Mark Bertolini and James Boulton.  It's here:…

Thanks for your support, all!

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David Hayes and I finished a book called "Rottentail" years ago for Arcana.  Arcana eventually dropped it, but we've not gotten it in with Creator's Edge, a new publisher out of Washington State.  We need a colorist for it, though.  No pay, but the pages are completely inkedand ready for color.

Let me know if anyone out there is interested.

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Hey, any colorists out there feel like working on a superhero pitch or two?  No pay, unfortunately.  All I can promise if either (or both) books get picked up is regular work and money when it turns a profit.  Believe me, as an artist, I know that isn't a great deal, but it's all I can offer at the moment.

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Geez, it's been a while since I updated here.  Anyways...

I'm currently writing a pitch for a comic I think could be a lot of fun.  I'd draw it myself, but I don't have the time at the moment.  Think "Chew" meets Scientology.  No pay for the pitch, but there will profit-share if the book is published and when it makes money.  It's not an ideal situation, but if anyone's interested, let me know.

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The guys from Earthbound Comics took "Winter War" #1 (and all their other fantastic books, like "Mastorism" and "Sleepbringer Stories") to WonderCon in San Francisco this past weekend.  They said, and I quote: "...the runaway smash best seller, Winter War #1, which took the convention by storm. A fictional story set in the midst of World War 2, Winter War has taken Earthbound Comics to new heights, written and drawn by the mighty Kurt Belcher. Sounds pretty cool, huh?"  Damn cool, I say!  :)  Also: "...and Winter War has been kicking all kinds of ass!"  Man, that just sounds cool.

So make sure to get a copy of "Winter War" #1 (and Earthbound's other amazing comics -…) at… you're not convinced, check out the book's first great review at:…
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Hey, all!  Been a while since I updated here.  Just wanted to tell everyone (well, everyone who reads these) that the first issue of my new book "Winter War" has just gone up for ordering from Earthbound Comics, purveyor of fine comic book graphic entertainment.  You can find it on IndyPlanet here:…

The book has already gotten its first positive here, by Project Fanboy:…

Any review that mentions me alongside Garth Ennis is okay by me!

In all seriousness, I've been working on this book for a long time, and it's been a real labor of love for me.  With the invaluable research help of fellow Deviant Tuomas Koivurinne :icontuomaskoivurinne:, I'm putting together what I hope is an involving, interesting, and thought-provoking war chronicle.  I'm halfway through drawing #2, so that should be out soon.

Make sure to ask your comics shop to stock the book!  In the meantime, if you're in San Francisco the weekend of April 1st through the 3rd, make sure to go to WonderCon!  Find the Earthbound Comics table, and buy yourself a copy.  And buy copies of all the rest of EC's comics, including "Mastorism", "Sleepbringer Stories", and the "Lady Fight" anthology.  Talk to Matt Grant, he's a great guy!


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Hey, all! I've written a kick-ass little book for Septagon Studios (…), called "Gator Butch"! You can find the teaser site here:… written "Gator Butch", and art is provided by the amazing David Hollenbach. Click on his name on the teaser site to see his site.

The story: When professional monster fighter Gator Butch agreed to find a runaway teenager, he never expected the job to lead him into an encounter with the River Children, the most feared band of criminals in his little Kentucky town of Doghole.  The Doghole police won't get involved, but they may not have a choice, when Butch discovers that the River Children are being led by a familiar face from his past, a face that has a scheme to terrorize Doghole and settle an old score.

If you go to…, you can sign up for updates about the book, as well as an RSS feed to have updates appear in your browser.  There will be updates and more information released as it gets closer to the book's online digital release, which will be formally announced later this month.

Keep an eye out for us!

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I'm close to finishing the pencils on a pitch for Stephen "Jesus Hates Zombies" Lindsay.  The inker is hard at work on that stage, so now we need a colorist for the pitch, a Victorian-set horror story.  There's no money for the pitch, and only a back-end deal on the project, if it gets picked up by a publisher.

Anyone who's interested, Note me!

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I just got a book picked up to be published, and I need a new inker, colorist/toner, and letterer for it.

I also have a short story I'm going to try to find an anthology to publish it, and I need a letter for that, as well.

I have a few pitches that I also need an inker, colorist, and letterer for.

Anyone interested, just Note me here, or e-mail me at:


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Whooo, been a while again.  I gotta try to be more regular with this.

EDIT: Well, "Rottentail" was dropped by Arcana Studio, but it's not something I should have talked about in an open forum.  I should have left off talking about it privately with the book's writer.  I let my frustration get the better of me.  I was disappointed, but I talked to the publisher and basically made peace with what happened.  Time to move on.  Thanks for the comments and support.  It's much appreciated.

"Unimagineable" is coming up on the home stretch of pencils for the last issue.  Levi Skeen :iconleviske: is inking the last of #2 as I write this, and Zachary Turner :iconzackri: has colored exactly half of the book.  So things are chugging along nicely!  I'm really proud of this whole book, from the premise and script by Tom Pinchuk :icontpinchuk:, pencils, inks, and colors, and I'm sure I'll love the letters when they're done.

I'm drawing a pitch for Michael "Phantom Jack" San Giacomo right now.  I don't want to say too much about it, but it should be a ton of fun, and it should go to at least a few high profile publishers, as Mike's pretty highly-regarded.

Still working on "Tranquility".  Fun, fun, fun, drawing people being mangled by mister B.I.G. Foot.  :D

Also still working on "Winter War".  Things seem to be going at least a little faster with it now.

Tom Pinchuk lent me the (nearly) complete "Metabarons", so I'm most of the way through those.

I'm slowly reading "Dune Messiah" and the second book of "Abarat".  I love Clive Barker's fantasy epic so far, and I'd love to do something in the same vein in comics, eventually.

I saw "The Spirit" the other day, and was disappointed that it was so goofy.  I expected some fun, slapstick moments, it being the Spirit, but it was too silly to be that enjoyable.  The actors all did pretty well with what they had (I especially loved the beautiful and talented Sarah Paulson and Scarlett Johansson), but Frank Miller didn't really seem to know what he wanted out of the movie.

I'm thinking about trying to put together a pitch for a mini-series or graphic novel about the Hatfield/McCoy feud.  It's local history and myth mixed together, and it hasn't been beaten to death, like 'Jack the Ripper'...  Thinking about it.

I believe that's all for now.

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Damn, it's been a while.  Three whole months since I updated.

"Unimagineable" #2 is done, so that's 2/3rds of the book finished.  I can't wait to see that thing done.  I think it's some of my best work, definitely with the inks and colors on it.  I'm dying to hold a copy of it in my hands.

Still no word on when "Rottentail" is going to be published.  I finished it ages ago, so I'm hoping the publisher tells us something soon.

"Frenzy" for Martin Fisher is making the rounds now.  I had a huge amount of fun drawing the pitch for that, so I'm hoping someone bites (no pun intended, it being about killer piranha).

I'm working now to finish drawing the pitch for "Tranquility" for David Hayes.  A comic about a bad-ass Bigfoot.  How can that not be fun?  I loved doing that cover.  I think it's some of my better recent work outside of "Unimagineable".

When I can fit it in, I'm gonna try to draw a six-page "JSA" story to go with that cover I posted recently.  I've had a story about the return of Cameron Chase's enemy, Dr. Trap, and his murder of her father and the rest of the Justice Experience from back in the Dark Age of DC.  So I figured, what the hell, draw it as a portfolio sample.  Then I can say I did it, at least.  Should be fun.

Work is progressing slowly but surely on "Winter War".  With all the other work I've been doing, I'm way behind my self-induced schedule, though.

The other pitches I'm writing and drawing myself are currently on hold, while I try to make headway on the above workload.

And the pitches I'm writing and other artists are drawing are all currently on hold, as I don't have the money to pay for them to be finished at the moment.  Some of the artists are so awesome, they're going to go ahead and finish them regardless, though.  Case in point: :icon1314:  If you don't know his work already, check him out.  He's at least seven different kinds of awesome, maybe eight.  :D

I think that's all the news that fits to print right now.  Enjoy the art updates as they come.

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Okay, I've never done this before, but I'm going to ask if anyone has any drawing commissions they'd like to see from me.  I'm going to charge $10 per black and white drawing, payable by PayPal.  I'm only going to take 15 at a time.  The first 15 responses will be in the first batch.  When those are all drawn and done, I'll do another 15 pieces, and so on and so forth.

So hit me with whatever you want to see.

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Hey, I just got spotlighted by the ever-talented Nick Mockoviak :iconnickmockoviak: over at his journal.  So I wanted to give him a shout-out and tell you all to go check out his gallery, if you haven't already.  Thanks, Nick!

For those of you haven't already, make sure to order a copy of "Risers"!  My first full-length graphic novel, written by Martin Fisher, is out in a few weeks.  It'll be a lot of fun, so go get it!

I'm currently drawing four projects, including two for Arcana Studio and that I'm also for the fantastic Alterna Comics.  You can see a lot of those in my gallery here as they develop.  I may have also just added a fifth project.  A Hungarian publisher is interested in a book that the massively talented Henrik Horvath ( and I are co-creating.  So we'll see how that goes.

I'm still in the middle of pitching "The Stars" superhero book and working my way up to mailed submissions.  If anyone knows of ANY publisher - either one they work with or who might be outside of the usual publishing companies - and that might be willing to take on the book, let me know!  Many thanks for any help you give me.

I'm also still working on a bunch more pitches, but I'm going to put those on hold until I can make some headway on this current heavy workload.

More updates as they happen!

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Hey, all!  Just realized I forgot to mention that "Risers" just got written up at "The Pulse".  Jen Contino was nice enough to do a sort-of interview with writer Martin Fisher and I and give the book lots of exposure on her comics column.  So, yay Contino!  You can read all about us here:…

Go check it out!

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Hey, all!  "Serial" has gone live from Brain Scan Studios.  You can find it on, at:

And you can read more about it here:…

So go and download it and be creeped out beyond belief!  :D

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The "Risers" graphic novel is finally here and ready for your purchase!  The book, but writer Martin Fisher and with art by myself, will be in stores at the end of October.  But you can order it now!  Here's the order code for "Risers" in the August Previews catalog (due in stores at the end of October).

Page 192

AUG08 3685

So go and order three copies for yourself and two for your grandmother.  And enjoy!

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Septagon Studios has added new content to their site.

The new "Fourth Panel Estate" is up:… new webcomic - "Rice Boy" - is examined here (not to be confused with Couscous Girl :) ).

Also, "Promotionally Speaking" #2 has hit the web:… edition's subject is steps to take before doing a promotional campaign for your book.  Interesting stuff!

So go and soak up all that info.

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Meant to put this up a few weeks ago.  Here are the three new columns and posts from Septagon Studios!

The Septagon Briefing -…

Fourth Panel Estate -…

Wicker Man Studios Re-Launches Website -…

There's lots of newsy and columny goodness to be had there.  So go and enjoy!